About daycare centre De Jutter

De Jutter has one group. This group can accommodate up to 12 children, aged from 10 weeks to four years.
In the case of more applications, the group size can be increased to 16 children.

The service provided by our dedicated professionals meets the requirements of the GGD (Dutch public health service). All our employees are required to present a certificate of good conduct for screening purposes.

Opening hours

Our daycare centre is open on weekdays from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Our hourly rate is € 8.97.

Our working year is 51 weeks, because we are closed the week between Christmas and New Year. The fee that you pay per month is an average fixed fee. This means you pay the same amount each month, unless you make use of additional care.

At De Jutter, you are not charged any registration fees! Fees include meals, fruit and diapers. Diet foods, vegetable snacks and formula are not included. If your child is unable to come to the centre, you may reschedule that day during the same calendar year. Please contact us for more information and conditions. The General Terms and Conditions compiled by the sector organisation apply to our daycare centre and can be found on our website.

Childcare benefit

If you make use of childcare there’s a good chance you are entitled to childcare benefit. Since 1 January 2014, you need to apply for this benefit within three months of the month of placement. Visit www.toeslagen.nl for more information. De Jutter’s LRK number is: 972332510.