GGD Inspection

A GGD inspector annually verifies whether our childcare facility fulfils the national quality requirements. For a realistic indication, these annual inspections are always unannounced.

During these unannounced visits the GGD checks the facility for pedagogical practice, professional childminder-child ratio, safety and health practices, quality of accommodation and furnishing. The inspector also carries out a Risk Inventory and Evaluation.

After the inspection, the GGD inspector prepares a report. The GGD inspection reports are public and are available for perusal at our facility and on our website. To view online simply click a link below.

Inspection Report February 2023

Inspection Report September 2022

Inspection Report May 2021

Inspection Report July 2019
Inspection Report December 2018
Inspection Report November 2017
Inspection Report February 2016
Inspection Report March 2015

In addition to the GGD inspections, we also collaborate with the children’s health clinic. Once every three months, a health clinic nurse visits our daycare centre to advise on child-rearing questions and problems.

Parent Committee

De Jutter has a parent committee which consists of parents or guardians of the children within the centre.

The parent committee represents the interests of the parents and provides De Jutter with valuable feedback. The parent committee meets at least once a year. The committee also has regular contact with De Jutter, both verbally and via e-mail.


We believe in personal communication!

Each child is given a ‘Krabbelboekje’, a notebook that parents can use to write about what happens at home or comment about childcare activities. This notebook should be taken to the centre on the days that your child will be attending. The group leaders use it to keep track of your child’s sleeping and eating schedule and other activities. It is a good way to find out what your child has been up to all day.

In addition, our childcare providers always make time to talk to parents when they pick up their child at the end of the day. If you would like to talk to a group leader or staff member at a time that is more convenient for you, it is also possible to make an appointment.

Each child has his or her own file. This file contains the child’s intake form, our Child Observation Record, a copy of the child’s ID and a medical statement for children with medical needs.