Risk Assessment

Every year, a Risk Inventory and Evaluation is conducted to ensure our daycare setting is safe and healthy for staff, children and parents.

Backup Care

De Jutter has staff and family members of attending children lined up in case of an emergency. All backup care providers live or work in the near vicinity of De Jutter and can reach our facility within fifteen minutes.

Fire Evacuation Drills

De Jutter carries out fire evacuation drills on location once a year. The drills are evaluated by the team to determine the adequacy of the emergency response.

Air Quality

The new Dutch Buildings Decree contains stricter requirements for air quality and ventilation. As it is very important that there is enough fresh air coming in, our facility now has a CO2 monitor. The CO2 meter allows us to continuously monitor air quality and indoor levels of CO2.

In-house Emergency Service Plan (BHV)

All of our group leaders are emergency response officers and/or have completed a child first aid certification course. These courses are repeated each year.